6 March, 2020

The first event of the year!

Hello guys! How is the new year going?

January was a hard start, I can't lie. But against all odds, my friends and I got stands at the Japan Weekend Madrid in February, and we couldn't be happier. It has been a total success!



I'm very grateful for the big welcome that my artwork had on this event edition and the victory of the new experimental addition: The Blue Seal Pinata! It's was sold on the first day and was the best stand decoration that I never had. I should thank my mom for this winner idea!



(Aren't  the best pictures but still look cute :D)


Finally, the best moment was the Cadmio 48 Productions video reel dedicated especially for this occasion. I worked with this young Producer for several projects before, and they´re one of the most professional teams that I never meet. Thank you, guys. I´m very happy and satisfied with the results!

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