6 August, 2018

Digital Illustration Exhibition in Madrid.

Hello guys, I have great news for you!

It is with personal humbleness but sincere excitement and expectation that I would like to share with you this wonderful news: I feel honored for having been chosen by ESDIP as one of the artists to exhibit her work through its First Digital Illustration Exhibition on “By Vásquez” Gallery.

I´m happy for this amazing professional opportunity so that I may join and share my works with those of several other qualified artists, and you guys are welcomed and invited to visit it. It will be open until October. (Yes, there is a lot of time to enjoy it!).

Certainly, I would like to thank ESDIP Professional Art School for granting me this opportunity. I really enjoy being a part of this marvelous group.

We’ll be expecting you!

For more information about ESDIP and the exhibition, click here.

One comment on “Digital Illustration Exhibition in Madrid.”

  1. Sophía Eloísa: Estupenda noticia. Estoy orgullosa de ti. Espero que publiques tus obras a exponer y asì compartir tu talento y el de otros artistas. Y gracias, muchas gracias por la sorpresa. Es un regalo maravilloso. Gloria.

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